Go Daddy

Sunday, 2 January 2011

10 More More Twitter Tips

1. Spamming us repeatedly is okay. We just unfollow you.
2. Spend more time in search than in chatting us up about your stuff.
3. Finding people who need what you’re selling trumps advertising to us.
4. Retweeting someone’s nice words about you is lame and doesn’t buy you more attention. Let it stand.
5. If your link is an affiliate link or a client, say so (in parentheses).
6. Your customers might not be on Twitter. Use rapleaf to find them.
7. Invite your customers to Twitter, then make it worth it for them.
8. Use Twitter as a personalized communication tool, not another blast.
9. Having different accounts for everything seems like the right move, until you realize it’s hard to grow multiple followings.
10. Just make money and then the boss won’t ask about ROI any more.