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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Twitter Automation Post 31 August 2010

In this note I want to deal with automation and outsourcing of Twitter.
Twitter really does lend itself to automation.In order to generate a lot of traffic quickly on Twitter it is preferable to have a number of accounts.However you will rapidly learn that managing, updating and growing more than one account is no fun whatsoever and is extremely time consuming.
Up to the 31st of August there were lots of extremely good products that either automatically tweeted ( The Excellent FeedMyTweeter a case in point) or automatically managed the following and unfollowing process (Hummingbird2 and TweetAdder, two of many)
However from September 1st Twitter altered the rules and most of these programs became redundant over night.Now any program needs to be fully approved by Twitter or must operate as a person would. The new requirement from Twitter is OAuth security encryption.

Marketmetweet   (now renamed MarketmeSuite)
This excellent software can be used with unlimited accounts across multiple computers, schedules tweets,manages twitter,has location targetting (very useful for local business targeting)allows Facebook and Pingfm integration.It has 2 unique features Brand Management(every tweet you send is branded discreetly with a link back to your website) and BlogMe ( a FREE Premium website)

TweetAdder 3.0
This is also excellent software and can be used with multiple accounts and has automated following and unfollowing, automated tweets etc, It does not run on the Twitter API but posts via the web as though it was human.

Tweet Attacks Pro
This software is interesting as it appears to be a product designed in the Philippines( a foretaste of life to come?) It efficiently does what the other two do at similar cost.like TweetAdder it operates outside the Twitter API.

Currently these are the best out there and I would probably lean towards Market Me Tweet because it looks great on screen and is a joy to use and it has the personal branding feature which in my experience is unique.TweetAdder is the tried and trusted Pro with 5 years experience in the market.

However the newbie Tweet Attacks comes with the most amazing upsell! This upsell called Tweet Attacks AC is an amazing program which generates new Twitter Accounts automatically and when I say automatically I mean automatically.It has, it would appear all angles covered. From either its own list of names or any you choose to put forward, it spins the list to generate as many different account names as you want.It suggests using a new proxy for every 10 accounts per day otherwise Twitter will take you down and also suggests how you can generate an unlimited supply of unique free email addresses that twitter needs for each new account.It even randomises backgrounds and supplies photos.So if it's 10, 100,1000 or 10000 new accounts you want. It supplies at the touch of a button!

I was going to talk about outsourcing but Tweet Attacks outsources the outsourcer. You can also outsource these operations at say $20 per month (to the Philippine, where else? They are the best cultural fit) through someone like elance.

Well that has blown me away! I'm so excited! Ever time I talk about these applications and they are all genuinely good it brings back the rush I experienced when it first dawned on me what Tweet Attacks AC exactly could do.