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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Social Media newsletter 15 September 2010


One of the common areas of difficulty in both Twitter and Facebook
for those marketing using Social Media is communication. We must
never forget that these sites are first and foremost social media
sites designed for chatting with friends, finding new friends etc.


It is relatively easy to recruit large numbers of followers on
Twitter and friends or fans in Facebook ; it is much more difficult
to sell to these lists.
-    You must talk to these people as a person and on a wide variety
of subjects. You will not make friends by only talking about your
-    You must provide consistent high value posts. These may be tips
but more likely need to be gifts and quality gifts at that. You
must always exceed expectations never disappoint.
-    Your generosity is designed not only to gain their trust and look
forward to your next post but also to make their friends start
following you or ask for your friendship. When you reach this point
you know you have it cracked- however it does not come without hard
-    Instead of just using automatic following software use the search
function in either medium. Look for popular strings and pose a
question or make a controversial observation. You will immediately
get into conversations.
-    Post questions - these go to your whole following and someone
will respond. On Facebook always respond to any posting on your
wall or any comment on your posts. When browsing tweets if you see
questions answer them. It may take a little research but it's worth

Taking steps toward Selling.

If possible never sell or post an affiliate link on either Facebook
or Twitter. That must be reserved for something really big or
urgent. Better to always send people to a FREE gift and opt in
page, and on the Thank you page suggest they may like to consider
your promotion before receiving the high value gift.
An alternative is to send them to a review site or better still a
video review site where you review the product honestly with
clickable links after opt in to the sales page.


Always remember you're a real person and so are they. Remember that
they are on Facebook and Twitter because they want to socialise not
to be sold goods. They will however readily accept your advice once
they have become your friend and learnt to trust you. You will then
become the expert as you are working hard on the subject while it
is an interest or hobby to them.
You may well be able to automate the process down the line but
certainly during at least a month after people have joined you they
need very careful nurturing
In this way you can quickly grow very targeted lists within your
Groups and provided they are cared for properly they prove
extremely responsive.