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Monday, 28 June 2010

Social Media and Business - Web presence

Businesses large or small fall into one of these categories.

No website or web presence whatsoever

Advertising themselves on a local website trade website or similar such as Yell.com

With a website, of various quality designs, advertising their company, products and services.

With a website as above but SEO (search engine optimised).

With a website or websites customer facing which would respond to product or solution searches.

with a network of web presences, sites and social media involvement driving targeted traffic to opt in pages, sites, products and solutions.

All but the last category are failing to optimise their web presence.

What has changed

Traditional Marketing has been traditionally employed at two basic levels.

Promoting or adverising the brand.

Promoting or advertising the Product or Service.

This has employed all the media available from time to time i,e, Newspaper, Bill boards, Leaflets, Yellow Pages,Direct Mail, TV, Radio and of late,internet advertising - Google Adwords, Adsense, Advertising sites, Banner advertising, Facebook Ads, etc. Of the latter group only Facebook ads allow targeted advertising and the other methods all suffer from lack of targeting.

What much of business, mainly through ignorance and sometimes intellectual resistance, have missed is that the use of almost any social media would allow them to filter the general public into interest groups where more effective targetted marketing can take place.In addition t5he Social Media market place operates in real time and it is possible to respond immediately to the market and easily conduct research and obtain immediate feedback.