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Friday, 19 February 2010

Twitter for Business

I hope you have been considering how embracing Social Media marketing across your business, is likely to produce higher levels of market penetration for your services or products. We are all too well aware that the scatter gun approach that unfortunately traditional marketing and advertising has become in the 21st century can be both too expensive and unreliable.
TV and radio advertising once extremely effective can no longer guarantee anything but a minority audience. The plethora of new channels and stations has divided and bored the audience and viewing figures are at an all time low. In addition the way we all watch TV has changed many of us planning our viewing in such a way that eliminates the need to sit through commercials.
Newspapers are taking a different position in our lives with free morning and evening papers available in our different localities, to be quickly scanned during the commute but discarded on the train or bus. The Sunday papers now the backbone of weekly review. Magazines and Journals often that full of advertising that it has become self defeating.
As never before it has become essential to hunt out potential customers. Social Media marketing in general and Twitter in particular have become essential tools in this search. Any business ignoring this important development is putting future growth at risk.

David Blair

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