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Monday, 22 November 2010

50 Greatest Twitter Tips & Twitter Secrets by Mili Ponce

Twitter is a micro-blogging service and it is very hot now. It allows users to send at most 140 characters to their followers. Twitter opens a new way to connect with other party in the community. It’s so successful because it’s simple and easy to create your own community.

I’ve been tweeting for quite some time now, mainly for personal learning, making new friends, and observing what communities are doing. Following are 50 greatest Twitter tips and Twitter secrets to move you towards a successful experience on Twitter.

1.Pick a memorable username.
2.One tweet one story.
3.Try to follow back when people following you, you’ll get credits for your kind action.
4.No puns for optimized headline.
5.Focus on keywords for optimized headline.
6.Don’t consolidate stories.
7.Link directly to the story.
8.No subheads.
9.Don’t try to fill up 140 characters, keep it short to your point.
10.The highest form of compliment on Twitter is the retweet. Share the love, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
11.Spend some time making a custom background.
12.Don’t make your background look like some sort of advertisement, it turns people off.
13.Speak your mind, be personal and be transparent!
14.Tweet with photo with TwitPic.
15.Be interesting, boring story turns people off.
16.Be informative, now is the time to use Twitter to tell people about your business goals, your professional interests, to spread knowledge and offer customer support.
17.Be interactive.
18.Be considerate, people will feel it.
19.Find a balance, there is no exact number of how many tweets per day.
20.Be a observer, observer what communities are doing.
21.Learn from Twitter user who has most followers.
22.Upload a photo of yourself and show it in your Twitter profile, people love to know who they are chatting with.
23.Try to tweet regularly so that people know you have an active presence.
24.Try to not use Twitter as your own personal “this is what I’m doing” list.
25.Try to add value to the conversation by sharing links.
26.Mix some personal information so that people know you’re a human being and not just an online merchant pushing links.
27.Thank people when they follow you on Twitter with a direct message.
28.Start conversation with the “@” command, don’t just wait for people to talk to you.
29.Ask questions. Twitter is great for getting opinions.
30.Make sure to respond to people that ‘@’ or direct message you to show your respect.
31.Make noise beyond the Twittosphere, this is only way to build a following is for people to know you’re there.
32.Don’t worry about how many Twitter followers you have, if you become an active participant you will see your followers increase.
33.Don’t spam anyone with anything.
34.Promote your Twitter name in your email signature, business cards, websites, blogs. Don’t be afraid to mention Twitter offline either.
35.If you see that people are talking about you (good or bad) on Twitter search, then join in the conversation!
36.Don’t stalk or harass people on Twitter, if someone ignores you, just let it go. The same goes for you, if people are stalking or harassing you, you can block them on twitter.
37.Go mobile, there’re tons of Twitter apps for the iPhone and Blackberry.
38.Try to keep your Twitter “following/follower” ratio balanced.
39.Fill up your information in Twitter profile, people like to know who you are.
40.Link to a website that’s relevant, preferably your blog or Facebook page.
41.Be patient you won’t build relationships or feel the community spirit over night.
42.Get a good desktop client with TweetDeck.
43.Track your results and statistics with TwitterBurner.
44.Make objectives about what you want to achieve by using Twitter, and stick to them.
45.You don’t have to read every tweet.
46.When promoting a blog post, ask a question or explain what’s coming next, instead of just dumping a link.
47.Learn quickly to use the URL shortening tools like TinyURL and all the variants. It helps tidy up your tweets.
48.If someone says you’re using Twitter wrong, forget it. It’s an opt out society. They can unfollow if they don’t like how you use it.
49.Talk to people about their interests.
50.Enjoy and have fun with your Twitter conversation, don’t make it too serious